Life wasn’t a movie nor a book you can’t edit what you have done ,all you can do is to it again until you will not succeed in it ,there are bad times and good time also,y ounare in this world you are born alone and will die alone but to spend that time between birth and death you need someone to keep you motivated all the time to live not for them but for your self ,you will win and win and win you will get all the support from this world but have you ever wonder what happens to them who lose  do anyone even know them at that time the only one there is for you are your love ones , you love yourself and keep your self motivated to die happy

Full moon night 

Sitting on the soft grass thinking about the sky covered with the blanket of darkness ,all the peace has been lost in it,darkness is making you despair,devils and demons and ruling the world ,they make all the angels locked in a circle but dont know that a single ant cant do anything but group of ants can do,white light of the angels all over the world making the dark world a beautiful world ,wolfs screaming for that peace called moon ,that helps to keep peace alive all alone in the dark sky,wondering to steel every thing and live with it all your life .

 “Even in your bad times there are someone who will make you out of it “

Falling dreams

Snow was falling so slowly ,it seamed whole world is covered with peace,all the evils are gone just you and me,our inner soul is feeling the power of true happiness but everything ends with the end of the day ,again that dark night ,sound of strong winds stricking windows , light of thundering make the trees visible for a second  ,it seemed like the world of demons , suddenly everything stopped and you start thinking about the (life ,death ),with a soft hand on your head ,shaking you body ,open your eyes and you see the sun so bright with the morning rains and a rainbow ,life is turning all round and round ,now there were no soft hands on your head all you had was the dark room with shaking windows ,all you can do is to hide under your blanket, when you see again though your blanket a devilish dog is waking you up to see the happiest morning ,with demons all around your room coming near to you ,scream so hard to make the dream over .

If there is bad times in your life ,don’t be sad because with every night there is morning and with every bad things there is good things ,just keep calm and be patient.

I should do it or not 

Just from your birth ,everyone starts dreaming about you,someone see you as a engineer ,someone as doctor.

As you grow up every starts to teach you how to live, as a young boy of 8 you have been told you have to be happy in life,as you went to school and you have been asked what you have to do in life you said to be happy, they said you didnt understand question but you said that you didnt understand life.

for society a person is successful only if he is earning good money but is it a real success ,life is not about earning money its about earning happiness, when you will be old and will be waiting for death will it be money that will bring smile on your face  no it will be happy memories thst you earned in your life .

You always think about what people would think abiut your decision but if you take wrong decision because of them ,they will be the first one to curse you.every one is identified of what they are not what decision they take ,so live your life for your self and take decision without any pressure.

            He was born to express

People taught him to impress 

He walked dark times alone 

Wind blowed his hair just like he was in a winter landscape

Wishing to get a better world to live 

All he got is blood 

He was not made for such insane world 

People  called him poor 

Shade of tree

Walking under the shade of trees

Welcomeing the softness of the breeze

No matter what we do,the end should be happy you 

Sweet noise of streams boost you inner dreams 

Crazy soul won’t be happy till you are really happy 

Go and reach your goals before someone stoles 

Dream to reach the sky but still so high

No Matter what we do the end should be happy you 

You are born and raised with your own name,still living under someone others fame .


Life is the sum of all the experiences that we encounter as we go through life. Day to day struggles and triumphs are experienced by all of the world’s creatures. As human beings, when we encounter a challenge, we have freedom to choose how to react. Every decision that we make leads us down a different road. We will never come to exactly the same crossroads. Every decision that we make has significance. The tiniest choice that we make reverberates throughout the entire universe.

A single beam of light is nothing for someone who toils under sun , but is a sign of life for someone shrouded with darkness .

Morning rains

there wasn’t much to it

the smell of mornings rain
on a steamy street
a small
piece of torn paper
ripped from something larger
with a stain
a partial coffee cup ring
tainted by
carelessness and haste
scarred with fragments of
ripped from something larger