Late night thoughts

I don't want to let go ,because of piece of me found it's home in you.
I believe that you're soul and my soul are very old friends.
I found a space in your heart when every heart to me was as hard as diamond and as black as coal.
I created words but never the right ones to express whats in my heart .
Today my heart feels like a Wall , with missing bricks that I never wanted to lose.
It was the time when my mind stand still and my heart does all the talking.
Life seemed more meaningful when I thought about it with you.
You were the story I always wanted to read again and again and suddenly this story became a chapter in my life.
How we used to be is a nice thought how we are now is the sad truth.
Within the touch of your fingertips live a peace that calms my restless soul.
Maybe I love too much and maybe I show it too Little.
I wanted to dream your dreams for you.
The ups and downs that's life, the love the hate that's living.

The scent of you on me lingers long after you have gone

You are my good days. (Were*)
'Do you late night thoughts ever lead you back to me ?


Bad dream chased away

Darkest night
Hopes light fades
Between two moons singing
Living lonely
Trying to find
A way into your dreams
Let me in
To chase away the nightmares
Replace them
With easy prayers of comfort
Pleasing moments of welcome sin
Too much time live a River run
Do you still see my face
In quiet moments
When you want,need some fun
That night
You close your eyes,a warm blanket over your eyes
You found yourself deep into the skies
What you hope for it will come
Buried under the darkness of the world all of the sudden
You cry you shout no one hears
Under the dark world who cares
You Lose hope,lose life waiting to die
Suddenly you are back into the sky
Hoping for happiness to come
Real bad was still to come
Soul that holds a pen
Gets you in black rainy day
Shattered into pieces moving with the rain drops
Place hard to breath
You stop everything
Open your eyes to a know place
Amazed with that women's graze

Little sister 

Sometimes we all have our dreams and childish feelings, I know we do, I had two where I had the ears and A Tale of a panda, now I feel I currently have them, I must do, what I must do is to have a branch of a tree under me , it’s so hard my love,how to say,How to tell with you it’s something of a tale,hard to say,how to tell morning star more precious with you , I be the black of all colours , you be the magic of sea colours, where the eyes of this guy ends you are the one who extends ,I had 3 important one was still to come ,sunrise after a dark night you made my life right 


Lying to you 

All memory is a form of longing. And desire lines my neurons, like ice along branches in mid-January Ohio. Each shiver sends a tremor through boughs that once, warmed in the sun, made something beautiful.

When you left, memory and desire merged. You once described me as limbs on fire and dancing. I’ve spent years shrinking at the thought of becoming ash in all the fire of my want. I’ve added ice to my drinks, a way to quiet the burn. Only to learn that though flesh burns, bones don’t.

And right now all I can think of to say: drink up. Drink up the sweating drink, drink up the longing, drink up every lie.

Desire in retrospect can so easily be viewed as a trick, a lie. You are a ghost in that way, a trick on the eye when I look behind me, in a darkened room, alone with nothing but the wind coming in under the crack in the door.

Full moon night 

Sitting on the soft grass thinking about the sky covered with the blanket of darkness ,all the peace has been lost in it,darkness is making you despair,devils and demons and ruling the world ,they make all the angels locked in a circle but dont know that a single ant cant do anything but group of ants can do,white light of the angels all over the world making the dark world a beautiful world ,wolfs screaming for that peace called moon ,that helps to keep peace alive all alone in the dark sky,wondering to steel every thing and live with it all your life .

 “Even in your bad times there are someone who will make you out of it “

Falling dreams

Snow was falling so slowly ,it seamed whole world is covered with peace,all the evils are gone just you and me,our inner soul is feeling the power of true happiness but everything ends with the end of the day ,again that dark night ,sound of strong winds stricking windows , light of thundering make the trees visible for a second  ,it seemed like the world of demons , suddenly everything stopped and you start thinking about the (life ,death ),with a soft hand on your head ,shaking you body ,open your eyes and you see the sun so bright with the morning rains and a rainbow ,life is turning all round and round ,now there were no soft hands on your head all you had was the dark room with shaking windows ,all you can do is to hide under your blanket, when you see again though your blanket a devilish dog is waking you up to see the happiest morning ,with demons all around your room coming near to you ,scream so hard to make the dream over .

If there is bad times in your life ,don’t be sad because with every night there is morning and with every bad things there is good things ,just keep calm and be patient.